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Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.

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In 2007 Jacob Willig started Lazymen to host the Webshop and in the years that followed dozens of related domains. In 2016 Lazymen introduced Logists Management System (LMS) to bridge the gap between the Product Management System (EPO) and the Oceaneering Transport System (SuperFrog). In 2018 Lazymen introduced the StockManager web application to facilitate a more user friendly Stock Management while using AFAS as backend. In 2020 Lazymen introduced the StockManager iPad App to even further improve the user experience, as well as properly support Stock Taking. Also in 2020 Lazymen decided to significantly expand its support base and now has the backing of several senior Java developers able to support all solutions 24/7/365. In 2021 Jarno Dijkstra joined Lazymen and Jacob and Jarno continued the Lazymen company as Lazymen Solutions BV.


Currenty most applied skills

Java Programming0
SuperFrog API0
Web Development0
Mobile Development0
IoT Solutions0

Logistics Management.

Direct communication with SuperFrog. Translates incoming requests from Product Management System into efficient Warehouse relocations. Organizes Warehouse stock efficiently. Maximizes Warehouse capacity. 3D Realtime overview of warehouse. Intuitive and ease of use. Periodic tuning review possible.

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Stock Management.

AFAS as backend. iPad App as frontend. Stock overview. Stock taking. Stock transfers. Stock mutations. Scanner integrated. Company theme.

Lazy Tasks.

Small dedicated scheduled Java tasks. Every task is a Java program running isolated. Every task can be scheduled as desired (from every few minutes to monthly). Anything that can be programmed in Java can become a Lazy Task! Either to interface between systems (data migration/import/export). Or replacing labourious manual tasks.
AFAS maintenance (replacing manual memos, etc).AFAS monitoring (reporting issues when detected).Importing data from (external) systems into other systems.

Our focus is on:

Smart Lazy, Care free, Solutions
Focus on niche solutions

Where current solutions fall short. Existing providers charge top dollar. Interfacing between (large) systems. Intuitive, smart and efficient for End Users

Smart Lazy, Care free, Solutions
High reward

Intuitive and easy to use. Efficient with minimal user intervention. Focused on high efficiency and eliminating incidents. Informative by providing overview for End Users and optional Statistics and Reporting.

Smart Lazy, Care free, Solutions
Low maintenance

Solutions build to be low maintenance. Build to be resilient. Build for pro-active monitoring. Incidents thoroughly analysed and where possible code adjusted to prevent or solve automatically in future.


Lazymen Solutions BV is inspired by several amazing companies that simply get it. They understand the new way of doing things. They dare to break convention and start with 'Why' (*), instead of 'How' or 'What'. Lazymen Solutions BV is convinced a company should know why they exist, what is their ideology and future aim. Making money should be a long term means to achieve a higher goal, not a short term goal on it self. Starting with 'Why', inspiring people and making high-end care free user friendly solutions, will be rewarded not only in revenue, but also in strong relationships and happy loyal customers.
(*) TED Talk Simon Sinek - "People don't buy what you do, but why you do it!"



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