Logistics Management System.

Transport Management

Oceaneering - SuperFrog

Product Management

Auxzenze - EPO

Launch Date

March 24th, 2016


Kaasmakerij Henri Willig BV


LMS Statistics

March 2016 - December 2020

Total incoming Product Management Requests0
Total AGV Transports0
Total DigOut Transports0
Total DigIn Transports0
Total AGV Drive Time (hours)0

Since March 2016 Lazymen's Logistics Management System (LMS) has been responsible 24/7/365 for managing the Cheese Treatment Warehouse for Kaasmakerij Henri Willig BV in Heerenveen. This warehouse holds 664 large cheese storage boxes carrying each up to 1150Kg of cheese wheels. 2 Oceaneering AGV's transport these boxes from the warehouse to the treatment line where the cheese receives a fresh layer of plastic coating. Several large fully automated Robot Arms unload the box, coat the cheeses and load them in an empty box. When treatment is finished, the loaded box is returned to the warehouse. LMS ensures that boxes are returned such that minimal DigOut and Digin transport will be required.

3D User Overview & Control.

In order to facilitate the Operator in keeping a proper overview, a 3D real-time represantation of the Cheese Treament Warehouse and all 728 box positions has been provided.

This LMS Client provides the Operator with complete insight into all active and requested transports, as well as provides manual control to request additional transports or adjust priorities.